Thursday, June 21, 2012

Choices, Choices

The route you ride has an enormous impact on the enjoyment of a cycle tour.  And there’s always a compromise involved.  Do we skip this to see that?  Take the more beautiful but also more difficult route?  Ride in the mountains or along the coast? 

After our time in Huaraz we had another decision to make.  Do we stay in the mountains or head back down to the coast?  The mountains and the coast in Peru couldn’t be more different.  The mountains are peaceful, remote, and slow and the coast is bustling, busy, and quick.  In the end we chose the coastal route to visit some of the archaeological sites that we’d heard so much about.


Just outside Huaraz we ran into two friends from Trujillo who were riding with three other cyclists they met.  With them we rode as a party of seven for a couple hours, making a large pack that no dog would dare chase.  They turned off shortly after for the mountain route and we almost changed our minds right then and there to join them.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Road Less Traveled

Our route from Trujillo took us on an adventure back up into the mountains towards Huaraz.  After a short section on the highway, we followed the Rio Santa for about 200km from the desert right up into the Andes.  About 130km was unpaved and the road ranged from smooth and easy to rocky and horrible.  We spent four days riding through beautiful canyons and little villages with barely any traffic. 

P1040224 P1040233

Riding towards the mountains along pretty roads.