Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Painting in a Panamanian firehall depicting the truth about firemen. Our camp spot out behind the San Felix firehall. Cooking dinner in the firehall kitchen. Macademia nut fruit. Tasting the fruit a second time, eww. Poor man's bidet. Stoked to have found DQ in Chorrera, Panama! The chicken bus makes a second appearance on this trip with a few extra mods (tassles) in Panama. Seedy downtown Chorrera. Excited to be nearing the completion of the Central American leg of our journey. Crossing the Bridge of the Americans with Panama City in the background. Panama City skyscrapers. Balboa statue. Casco Viejo (old part of Panama City). Skyscrapers and boats. Casco Viejo chruch. The Ever Dainty entering the Miraflores lock of the Panama Canal. Passing through the Miraflores lock. The Sextans passing through in the adjacent lock. The Ever Dainty and Sextans now both at sea level, ready to enter the Pacific. A slumy, but far from the slumiest (we don't take the camera out in those areas) building in Panama City. Even the animals know how to really relax on the Caribbean. Destructive as ever ... Waiting for our boat in Portobelo, Panama. Dolphins in the Kuna Yala.  One of them is missing its fin. Tiny Caribbean islands in the Kuna Yala. Jenn snorkeling in the clear water of the Kuna Yala. Swimming in the Kuna Yala. Fish near the reef in the Kuna Yala. Crazy coral in the Kuna Yala. Schools of fish in the Kuna Yala. Sting Ray in the Kuna Yala. Snorkeling at a shipwreck in the Kuna Yala. Snorkeling at a shipwreck in the Kuna Yala. Snorkeling at a shipwreck in the Kuna Yala. Snorkeling at a shipwreck in the Kuna Yala. Firefish in the Kuna Yala. Caribbean time! Big bonfire on an island in the Kuna Yala. Kuna fisherman and sailboats in the Kuna Yala. Captain David and his friend Maracopa in the Kuna Yala. Island in the Kuna Yala. Our captain cooking up a storm in the rocking, swaying kitchen on the boat. Fresh Yellowfin Tuna steaks on our way to Cartagena. Great crew on the Tango.

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