Wednesday, December 1, 2010

El Salvador to Nicaragua

Welcome to El Salvador! First view of the Pacific Coast in El Salvador Sunset in El Tunco, El Salvador San Miguel, El Salvador 9000km! Welcome to Nicaragua! Nice roads, a tailwind and a view of Volcan San Cristobal in Nicaragua. Volcan San Cristobal. Cathedral University mural. León mural panorama. Sandino mural in León. Yes I will have ice cream and Pepsi please, and also a glass.  Scoop and fill. Our lifts to the volcano.  Did I mention it was a sand road? Learning about the volcano steam. Beatuiful Nicaragua. Hanging out in the steam. View in to the crater from the top. Feeling the heat. Old lava from the 1999 eruption. All geared up and ready to go! 3, 2, 1... And we're off! Eat my dust! How the pros do it. It's a long ways to the bottom. Sano y salvo. A little dirty, but none the worse for wear. Cathedral in Granada, Nicaragua Stone carvings found around Lake Nicaragua. Replicas of indigenous games at the museum in Nicaragua. Central American flags in the square in Granada, Nicaragua. La Merced Cathedral in Granada, Nicaragua. Pickup football outside La Merced Cathedral in Granada, Nicaragua. The bikes getting some rest on Lake Nicaragua. Isla Ometepe on Lake Nicaragua. Sunset on Lake Nicaragua. Navigating the dirt roads to get to Merida on Isla Ometepe. Monkey Island gymnastics. Monkey Island gymnastics. Monkey Island lunch break, Kayaking on Lake Nicaragua. Paddling on Lake Nicaragua. Lake Nicaragua sunset. Cool volcano clouds. Lake Nicaragua sunset. Beach campsite on Ometepe. Wind farm in Nicaragua.

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