Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Costa Rica

Roadside burning in Costa Rica. Boating and beers. Captain Dave. Father-daughter love. Captain Dan. Sunset on the water. Boat silohuettes. My guys. Anchoring at twlight. Crazy tree roots in Rincon National Park. Resident howler in Playa Hermosa. Pura vida. Our secret snorkel spot in Playa Hermosa. I believe I can fly... Getting our surf on. Dave rocking it. Dan catching a wave in the sunset. Sunset surfing. Jenn paddling like a champ. Waterfall deep water soloing. Hanging out under the falls. Ready for your close up? Ready for your close up? Pig tail horns. Sunset snorkel with the jellies. Playa Hermosa sunset. Washed up jellyfish. Jelly close-up. Mud mask application. Mud mask close-up. Mud mask close-up. Mud mask close-up. Mud mask close-up. Mud mask close-up. Mud mask close-up. Panasonic Mud mask group shot. Sunset BBQ dinner on the beach. Relaxing in the Playa Hermosa sunset. Some fishies we found. Turtle close-up. Returning to the ocean after laying her eggs. Nicoya Peninsula roads. Enjoying Jaco, Costa Rica, from a distance. More beautiful Costa Rican sunsets. Pineapple plant. Our free beach house in Playa Dominical, Costa Rica.  Thanks Sharon! Reaching 9999.9km! The reset to zero at 10 000km. Reaching 10 000km together. Navigating Costa Rican dirt roads. Navigating a Costa Rican downpour.

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