About Us


Dave and Jenn Brayden have taken various cycling trips together. Three weeks after getting married in August 2011 they left on their first major one from Vancouver, Canada to the most southern city in the world: Ushuaia, Argentina. The purpose of this trip was to experience Latin America at a slow pace, learning the language and the cultures as they went, and to take on a life changing adventure together. Their next grand cycling journey was in the summer of 2015. They set out on a cruise from Vancouver to Anchorage, AK with the Brayden parents. From Anchorage they cycled for four weeks to Inuvik, NWT.

Cotton facial hair.By day Jennifer (aka. Mitchell or Pipes) is an avionics technician.  By night she is a lean mean cycling machine.  With her mother’s attention to detail, her father’s stubbornness (and devilishly good looks) and her own curiosity and desire to learn, she enjoys personal growth by taking on new projects and expanding her views on the world around her.

Cotton facial hair.Dave has always loved getting to know places the interesting way, whether rock climbing, ski touring, hiking, or cycling.  He has a propensity for taking on enormous challenges, which is probably what landed him in this mess…  At home he enjoys his work as an electrical engineer and a weekend campstove chef.  Dave got hooked on cycle touring with a tour across Canada in 2009.