2010 Rocky Mountain Sherpa 10 - Dave

Bicycle Type:                   Touring
MSRP (new):                   $1200
Weight:                             29lbs
Frame Construction:        TIG-welded
Frame Material:                Reynolds 725

Brakeset:                          Avid Shorty 4 brakes
Shift Levers:                     Shimano Tiagra STI Dual Control
Front Derailleur:               Shimano 2203, clamp on 28.6mm
Rear Derailleur:                Shimano Deore
Crankset:                         RMB RM-S52 Alloy Arm, 30/42/52 teeth
                                         *(replaced with Shimano Deore LX, 22/32/44)

Bottom Bracket:              TH 7420 W/Super Water Seals
                                         *(replaced with Shimano SM-BB51)

Rear Cogs:                      9-speed, 11 - 32 teeth
Saddle:                             Brooks Flyer
Aerobars:                         Syntace

Hubs:                               Wheeltech Super Sealed W/ Alloy QR
                                        *(replaced with Shimano Deore XT)
Rims:                               Alex ACE-24
Tires:                               Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700 x 35mm
Spoke Brand:                  DT Swiss

Racks and Panniers
Front Rack:                     MEC Lowrider Front Cycling Rack
Rear Rack:                     Tubus Cargo Classic
Front Panniers:               MEC (10L - Pair)
Rear Panniers:               Ortlieb BackRoller Classic (40L - Pair)
Handlebar Bag:               Ortlieb Classic


2008 Brodie Ronin - Jenn

Bicycle Type:                  Cyclocross
MSRP (new):                  $1,249.00
Weight:                           25.8lbs
Frame Construction:      TIG-welded
Frame Material:              7005 aluminum

Brakeset:                        Avid BB5 Road
                                       Mechanical w/ 6" Rotor brakes
Shift Levers:                   Shimano Tiagra STI Dual Control
Front Derailleur:             Shimano Tiagra, clamp-on
Rear Derailleur:              Shimano Tiagra
Crankset:                        Truvativ Elita 3.1, 30/42/52 teeth
                                       *(replaced with Shimano Deore LX, 22/32/44)
Bottom Bracket:             TruVativ Giga X Pipe
                                       *(replaced with Shimano SM-BB51)
Rear Cogs:                     9-speed, 12 - 32 teeth
Saddle:                           Brooks B-52
Aerobars:                        Profile Design

Hubs:                              Novatec 351 Road Disc
                                       *(Rear hub replaced with Deore LX Disc)

Rims:                              Sun CR-18, 32-hole
Tires:                              Schwalbe Marathon Plus 700 x 35mm
Spoke Brand:                  DT Swiss

Racks and Panniers
Front Rack:                    None   
Rear Rack:                    Tubus Disco
Front Panniers:              None
Rear Panniers:              Axiom Kootenay Journey Series (30L - pair)
Handlebar Bag:              Axiom Stormfront Waterproof



     Everything pictured here and                                    All fits in here.
                 listed below…                 

Tools and Parts
1x Chain whip / Pedal wrench       
1x Multitool   
1x Cassette remover       
2x Folding spare tire       
1x Small adjustable wrench       
2 sets Tire levers       
2x Patch kit   
1x Chain lube   
Zip Ties
Duct Tape   
1x Presta - Schraeder Conversion Valve   
2x Pump Needle   
1x Pliers with Cable Cutter       
1x Bottom Bracket Tool   
1x Brooks Tension Tool   
2x Pump
4x Spare Tubes
4 sets Disc Brake Pads
2 sets Cantilever Brake Pads   
2x Spare Chains
2x Spare Deraileur Cables       
2x Spare Brake Cables   
10x Spare Spokes       
5x Spare Rack Bolts       
2x Sleeping Bag:            Western Mountaineering (Caribou and Ultralite)   
1x Tent:                          Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2               
2x Sleeping Pad:            Thermarest ProLite 4 (men's and women's)       
2x Travel Pillow       
2x Sleeping Bag Liner:  MEC Silk       
2x Headlamp:                Petzl Tikka Plus
1x Clothesline
2x Backpack:                MEC Genie and Arcteryx Cierlo       

2x Combo Toothbrush / Toothpaste       
1x Retainer   
2x Floss       
2x Deodorant       
1x Moisturizer       
2x Campsuds *(replaced by common dishsoap)
1x Electric Razor       
1x Razor       
Toilet Paper   
1x Nail Clippers   
Chap Stick   
Bug Repellant   
First Aid Kit   
180x Malaria Pills   
20x Altitude Pills   
300x Birth Control Pills   
24x Travellers Diarrhea Pills        
10x Benadryl   
3x T3 / Morphine Pills       
10x Ibuprofen       
Tiger Balm       
2 sets Earplugs
2x Towel

1x Stove:                        MSR Whisperlite   
2x Fuel Bottle:                600mL Primus
1x Stove Repair Kit       
1x Windscreen       
1 set Pots:                      Evernew Titanium (DX3 and DX4)           
1x Camp Oven:              Outback Oven Ultralight   
2x Bowl       
2x Spoon       
2x Fork       
1x Swiss Army Knife
1x Kitchen Knife (added in Quito)   
1x Dish Towel       
2x Cutting Board   
2x Cup               
Salt / Pepper       
Olive Oil   
1x Spatula   
1x Lighter
1x Flint Firestarter           
2x Water Bladder:           MSR (4L and 6L)       
1x Water Treatment Drops *(replaced with SteriPen in New Orleans)   
2x Scrubby Pad   
1x Fair Share Mug       
1x Cloth Shopping Bag       
2x Waterproof Sack
1x Water Filter:                MSR Miniworks EX Microfilter (added in Lima)
2x Thermos                     Thermos - 1L and 500mL (added in Lima)           

2x Harness (Sent home after Red Rocks)
2x Shoes (Sent home from Costa Rica)
1x Chalk Bag (Sent home from Costa Rica)       
2x Reverso (Sent home from Costa Rica)       
4x Locker (Sent home from Costa Rica)       
2x PAS (Sent home from Costa Rica)   

1x Netbook:                      Acer Aspire One (plus accessories)           
1x Camera:                      Panasonic Lumix (plus accessories)       
1x Camera Tripod               
2x Cycling Computer   
1x Phone:                         iPhone 3GS (plus accessories)                
1x iPod Nano   
1x Headphones   
1x Watch   
1x SPOT       
Spare Batteries (AA, AAA, CR123)   

2x ea. Cycling Shorts
2x ea. Cycling Tops
4x ea. Socks
1x ea. Sunglasses
1x ea. Low Light Lenses
2x ea. Cycling Gloves (full and half-fingered)
3x ea. Underwear
1x Toque       
1x ea. Pants
1x ea. Shorts
1x ea. Fleece Jacket
1x ea. Waterproof Jacket
1x ea. Waterproof Pants
1x ea. Waterproof Shoe Covers
1x ea. Long Underwear Top
1x ea. Long Underwear Bottoms
2x ea. Casual Shirt
1x ea. Neck Warmer
1x ea. Swimsuit
1x ea. Hat
1x ea. Down Jacket
1x ea. Flip Flops
1x ea. Running Shoes

1x Compass/Thermometer
1x Combination Cable Bike Lock   
1x Journal
2x Pen
1x Sewing Kit
1x ea. Wallet
1x ea. Passport
1x ea. Vaccination Certificate
2x ea. Travel Insurance Card
2x ea. Document Copies
1x ea. Good Book
4x Ski Straps
Carcassonne (Sent home from Costa Rica)       
1 set Cards       
1x ea. Swimming Goggles
Ziplock Bags

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