Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Peru - South

Stealthy campspot right in the front yard of a beach house. Ugliest dog known to mankind. Peguin, pelican cohabitation. Lots of seabird in the Islas Ballestas. Seabirds in the Islas Ballestas. Dunebuggy tour near Huacachina. Playing in the dunes near Huacachina. Sandboarding in Huacachina. Sandboarding in Huacachina. Sometimes sandboarding hurts We made it!!! Can you believe we're here?  Nazca, Peru. The owl man in the Nazca Lines. The dog in the Nazca Lines. The famous monkey in the Nazca Lines. One of our favourites, the hummingbird in the Nazca Lines. The spider in the Nazca Lines. The condor in the Nazca Lines. The tree in the Nazca Lines. Down into the rabbit hole in the Nazca aquaducts. Looking up at the worlds largest sand dune at more than 2200m! Cerro Blanco near Nazca, Peru. Jenn on the climb up from Nasca. Vicunas in the pampa near Puquio, Peru. Vicunas in the pampa near Puquio, Peru. Bicycle mountaineering to get back to the road from our campspot. Friendly folks who stopped to give us fruit near Vado, Peru. An alpaca in the pampa in Peru. Llamas in the pampa, Peru. Jenn riding alongside a high altitude lake in Peru. Sheltered campsite at 4300m in Peru. View from our campsite in the mountains of Peru. Dressed for the cold weather while riding through Peru. Llamas and alpacas in Peru. Riding towards Abancay, Peru. Proud Jenn with her creation. My trusty steed. Jenn climbing up and up out of Abancay. Meeting an Argentinian cyclist (Javier) halfway between Abancay and Curahuasi. Coasting downhill towards Curahuasi, Peru. Jenn's machine. High altitude criminals in Peru. The Apurimac river, Peru.

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