Monday, November 21, 2011

More Truths Learned as the Tour Continues

Texas is big

… and some parts are really remote! 

Most of West Texas is composed of desert and cattle ranches.  Since the abolition of slavery, much of the rural Texas economy has shifted from growing cotton to cattle ranching.


A cow, and wind powered well near Fort Davis, TX. This day we rode 70 miles without passing any civilization or services.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shades of the Southwest

If you imagine the south western United States as being home to gun-toting rednecks and cowboys, you are partly correct. Never before have I seen so many trucks with rifle racks in the back and this morning I saw my first real cowboy up close. I noticed him because of the sound his spurs made when he walked. That being said Texas is one of the most friendly states we’ve been in. Normally I would be terrified riding into a city like El Paso (pop. 650 000) on a three lane highway with no shoulders, but the drivers here all gave us plenty of space.

Looks like they really live up to this motto: “Drive friendly, the Texas way”.

We like the Texas' thoughts on how to drive.