Wednesday, December 1, 2010

US - Texas to Louisiana

Welcome to Texas! We like the Texas' thoughts on how to drive. View from an overpass we accidentally ended up on.  Juarez, MX on the left, El Paso, TX on the right. Mexico - USA border in El Paso, TX. Moving through the awkwardness. Trying the bat hang start. Pictographs at Hueco Tanks, TX. Working out the moves on Blues Clues - V1, Hueco Tanks. Starting Ghetto Simulator - V1, Hueco Tanks. Working up the jugs. Fighting the pump of a 30' boulder problem. At the crux. Ghetto Simulator V1, Hueco Tanks. Texas Black Angus are skittish. White face at a windmill driven well. First water we've seen in awhile flows through the Pecos river. 5000km! Panasonic Not stoked about having my post shower wind-blown hair photographed. The result of Texas' chipseal (aka. gravel over asphalt road surface). Oh Texas. Chipseal sample. University of Texas football pre-game. U of T mascot: Bevo the Longhorn. Thanksgiving dinner ingredients. Thanksgiving dinner. Thicket. 6000km! Louisiana! Swamps. First view of the Mississippi. Crossing the Mississippi on the new Audubon bridge. My new men's work socks. My modifications to the socks so I can wear them as booties over my well-ventilated (thus chilly in the cold) cycling shoes. Baton Rouge city tour with Mark. Baton Rouge panorama from the top of the state capitol building. Flying along the levee in to New Orleans. Busker on Royal St. Buskers outside Cafe du Monde. Jackson Square by night. Mississippi River steamboat. A streetcar named desire. Busy Bourbon St. Arcadia used books in New Orleans. Can you tell which box was inspected and repacked by the TSA

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