Thursday, September 8, 2011

Truths Learned so far on the Tour de Safeway*

Life is better on a proper sized bicycle...
All gas stations should have full sized gun shops in them.
Exhibit A:
"If you drink this water it will make you burp... and it will make you have to poo poo." Ah the wisdom of children. I learned this from one at the public pool in Astoria. Our first stop in Oregon State. Here we slept in our first real beds since starting the trip; at the Norblad Hostel. We also checked out all the town's cool colonial architecture and maritime museum.
Jenn and Rainbow at the Maritime museum.
Chocolate milk and chips make any day, a good day.
Yes you can bake a pie on a camp stove. Aided by the
fact that blackberries are in season and EVERYWHERE!
Pie on a campstove. Bike wheel decoration included.
And yes it was delicious. We've also had great success with cookies and brownies, thanks to Rainbow’s awesome mixes brought down by Jess.
Great friends make a great long weekend surf crew. The area around Cannon Beach makes it hard for any surf trip to not be great, but I'm glad we shared it with these folks.
And if at first you don't succeed...
Try and try again
(Taken immediately after my first successful wave
catch on our very last wave of the trip!)
I bruise like a ripe peach.
Love is beautiful.
Sunset heart.
And so are sunsets.
Rainbow has more talents than she first lets on.

Sunset handstand.
4ft of pepperoni is not too much for one girl to handle.
Especially when it's from the Tillimook County Smokers.
4ft of pepperoni.
Dave and I are also a fan of all the products produced by the Tillimook County Creamery Association, so we decided to pay them a visit. Bonus was the cheese samples and well priced ice cream in hand made waffle cones.
At the Tillamook County Creamery Association.
Although raccoons act like they are after your food, they know the true value of certain items. We learned this last night when they ravaged Dave's handle bar bag which was inside the tent vestibule. Of course they ate the Clif Bars and trail mix, but also his wallet was scattered and our camera was found 20ft away in the bushes.
The Oregon coast really is as beautiful as they say it is.
Jenn riding along Otter Crest Loop.
Nehalem Bay State Park from Neakahnie Mountain.
Haystack Rock.
*Safeway is the perfect rest stop for cyclists. They have all the required ammenities including food, wifi, tables, power outlets and bathrooms.


  1. I LOVE IT!!! was tillamook also as awesome as they say?


  2. Great post! Your photos make me want to travel down to the Oregon coast sooner rather than later. So glad you two are enjoying your trip =)

  3. Following your blog from Pennsylvania. Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories.

  4. Rainbow, it was as awesome as they say and more!

  5. Is that an entire bowl of cookie?? Like!