Monday, August 29, 2011


The time has come, and we're on the road! It's hard to believe that after all the planning, moving, and packing (note that I didn't say training) we're finally away.

A lot of our trip planning time has been spent organizing equipment. You don't want to be carrying anything extra, or be short some important item. Check out our painfully detailed packing list here.

Everything on the list neatly piled

After a few tries we managed to fit everything onto the bikes. Each day it gets a little smaller as we learn to pack more efficiently.

The first leg of our trip is from Vancouver, BC to Cannon Beach, OR. This takes us through some of the islands in Puget Sound and down the Olympic Peninsula. We are starting out slowly (remember I didn't say training) and plan to arrive in Cannon Beach for Labour Day weekend.

For this leg, our friend Rainbow is joining us. It's wonderful to have company on the road. And the three of us are getting stronger and stronger every day.

Rainbow and Jenn near Deception Pass

Our first night we met some of our cousins in Ferndale at Chihuahua's Mexican Restaurant. It was the perfect way to spend a first night on the road! In addition, we got all sorts of good tips on travelling in the USA.

That's all for now. We'll post more of the route and details as we continue.

Dave and Jenn


  1. Congratulations on Starting your trip. The trail looks beautiful. We'll be following your trip, and look forward to seeing you! Love and Best Wishes ... John and Vicki

  2. Yay! I got Rainbow's txt saying that you guys made it to Cannon beach safely! I can't wait to see 2/3 of you very soon, San Francisco will be waiting for you! Is there any special foods that you guys will be craving when you arrive?

  3. So sorry we couldn't meet you at Chihuahua's! We wish you all the best and will be following your blogs closely!!

    Have a super safe trip!

  4. So that Last comment was from me, I didn't have a profile set up. Now I do!

  5. Thanks for all the comments everyone! @Ashley - as for foods I wouldn't say anything specific, just that we eat a lot :P Haha, and I would like to splurge on some sushi one night!