Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Entering Ecuador! Otavalo Ecuador is famous for its indigenous crafts market. Yoko and Hiro from Japan near the summit just after Otavalo. Cresting a 3100m summit near Otavalo, Ecuador. Crossing the Equator!!! Crossing the Equator!!! Quito in the distance at the same elevation.  Unfortunately we drop down 1000m to cross a creek :( Quito's Basilica Southern Quito (and the Virgen) from the Basilica. Getting a little gripped on the stairs up to the top of the Basilica. Northern Quito from the Basilica. Clock towers of the Basilica and the Virgen of Quito. Dancin' at the top of the Basilica in Quito. The traditional and the modern in Quito. Plaza Grande in Quito. Not bad for $2! Quito's Basilica and mountains from our hostel window. Plaza Santo Domingo in Quito. The Virgen of Quito. Marco's birthday dinner in the hostel. Five piece mariachi band in the dining room. 1 Southern Quito from 4100m. You can bring your mountain bike up the TeleferiQo and bike back down all day for $7! Quito from 4100m. Hiking towards Rucu Pichincha above Quito. Hiking towards Rucu Pichincha above Quito. Hiking towards Rucu Pichincha above Quito. Hypoxic and happy at the summit of Rucu Pichincha (4696m) outside of Quito. Police helicopter at the top of the TeleferiQo. Talking like a pirate after a visit to the Ecuadorian eye doctor to remove a piece of something in her eye. Look, I think I see glacier! Emerging from the sleet after our tallest pass so far at 3600m. Hmm, there's an enormous mountain there somewhere ... who knew? Cuenca's new cathedral. Relaxing riverside in Cuenca. The flower market in Cuenca. Posing with the Cuenca Cycling Club. Colonial architecture in Cuenca. A shrunken head in a Cuenca museum. Descending out of the mountains towards the Ecuadorian coast. Escape from the mountains in Ecuador. Fixing a cycling computer in Pasaje, Ecuador.

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